How To Make Purchases Using The FLCC OneCard & OneAccount

The FLCC OneCard
Whether it's groceries at the supermarket, or new jeans at The Gap - the easiest way to pay for it is with your FLCC OneCard. To make a purchase, swipe your card at the checkout, choose "credit" instead of "debit" and sign the receipt. If you choose credit, the transaction is processed through the MasterCard® network and you'll avoid unnecessary PIN fees. If you're buying online from places like, or, use the number printed on the front of your FLCC OneCard, just as you would a credit card. If you need to provide a 3-digit security number, look on the back of your card for the last 3 digits of the number that's printed inside the box where you signed your name.

The Check is in the Mail
Using your FLCC OneCard is so much easier then writing checks, but occasionally, you may not have a choice. You may need to pay your rent with paper checks. You can order and purchase your checks online. Just log on to, from the main menu bar select "Withdrawals & Payments," then "Write Checks." You can write checks when you need to, and track your canceled checks with your online account statement. There are no limits on check writing and no per-check fees.

Set up Automatic Bill Payment for Cell Phone Bills, Utility Bills and More
What if you could get somebody else to pay your bills? You budget the money to make the payments, but somebody else makes sure they're paid every month...and on time! Well, that's basically what happens with automatic bill payment. You'll need to either check online or call the company or service provider to find out if they offer recurring bill payments with Debit MasterCard®. If so, you can pre-authorize automatic deduction of recurring payments such as your cell phone bills, cable TV, and more. You can stop automatic payments anytime, or continue paying this way indefinitely.

"Checks and Balances"...Manage Your Money Online
It's easy to track your deposits and spending with your online account statement. Log on to, from the main menu bar click on "OneAccount", "OneAccount Edge" or "OneAccount Premier", then "Account Statement." Your statement will identify every debit card transaction as a "Card Purchase" and where and when it took place. You'll also see "Pending Card Transactions." Typically these are very recent transactions and the funds are on "Temporary Hold" waiting to be deducted from your balance. You'll see every deposit or money transfer as well as every credit back to your account listed as "EFT POS" credit. You'll find every check you've written identified by check number, as well as all of your automatic recurring bill payments listed as a "Card Purchase." It's all there in your transaction history so you can track your spending day-to-day or month-by-month. Plus, you can "Check and Balance" your account anytime it's convenient for you, 24/7/365!

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