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The FLCC OneCard

The FLCC OneCard is a unique benefit to you, as an active member of Finger Lakes Community College community. The FLCC OneCard is your official refund disbursement card. It can be used for Financial Aid Services and Business Services. Benefits of using the FLCC OneCard and OneAccount include:

  • Get access to payroll or refunds faster
  • Earn rewards for purchases
  • All this and more when you use the FLCC OneCard and OneAccount

The FLCC OneCard OneAccount

A Customized Bank Account Provided to You through FLCC
When funds are deposited to the OneAccount, your FLCC OneCard becomes a powerful Debit MasterCard® accepted at stores worldwide. Your OneAccount gives you the convenience of a universally accepted debit card with the budgeting control of a checking account—you'll no longer need to carry cash.

Direct Deposit of University Refunds

There are multiple options provided to you for choosing how to receive your refunds. If you choose to receive your funds electronically by direct deposit into your Higher One account, you'll receive your money in the fastest way possible!

Pay Anywhere with Debit MasterCard® Spending Power

Your new FLCC OneCard and OneAccount give you the power to pay wherever MasterCard® is accepted: at millions of locations worldwide. 

Pay On-Campus

This feature is currently not available.

With the Campus AutoLoad feature, you have the option to request that funds from your FLCC OneCard OneAccount be automatically transferred to your Flex Account (currently unavailable) to cover on-campus purchases.

Be Rewarded When You Shop

You may be eligible to earn OneRewards when you use your FLCC OneCard at participating merchants.

24-Hour Online Banking

The FLCC OneCard OneAccount gives you the tools to do all your banking online—anytime.

Access Your Money Faster and More Easily

With the Direct Deposit and E-Check features, payments are received almost instantaneously.

Get Cash On-Campus and Off-Campus

With Debit MasterCard® spending power, you won't need cash often—but if you do, getting it is quick and easy through an ATM.